Monthly Archives: March 2015

March in the garden

The months are progressing and we now find ourselves in March with a real sense of spring the air.

Why not get some colour back in those beds, baskets and borders that have been lacking all winter. Primulas, Polyanthus and Pansies for an immediate splash of spring colour.


Watch out for the return of the slugs! They will be munching their way through your young shoots and emerging crops this month.

Lift and divide perennials that have outgrown the flowerbed. Top dress containers with fresh compost. Feed roses with a specialist rose food to encourage plenty of summer blooms.

Sow hardy annuals directly into the ground and sweet peas in pots on the window sill ready to plant later outside.

and don’t forget Mother’s Day coming up, visit us for gift ideas, planted baskets or pop in for lunch or a piece of cake.